We are a community driven, not-for-profit organization serving to connect + build a platform of resources for Fashion Industry Professionals of Pittsburgh.

In 2016, we conducted a year long audit in the form of a discussion series, inviting a range of perspectives from the community to provide feedback. An annual report was developed at the end of the series, evaluating themes and key takeaways.

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Leveraging these insights, Style412 nominated a counsel at the end of 2017 to progress with excitement generated by discussion. All current counsel members and their roles can be found here.

Style412s ultimate vision is to build a resource-based infrastructure to support existing and emerging professionals. We believe that our city has the talent & potential, but it needs to have a higher standard of quality and framework to evolve.



Since 2000, Pittsburgh has been named time and time again by publications such as Forbes and the Economist as the “Most Liveable City in the USA.” In 2014, USAToday ranked Pittsburgh’s East Liberty in their “Top 10 Up-and-Coming Neighborhoods around the USA.” Its’ recent transformation was mentioned among London and Iceland, as being one of the top 20 “Best Trips in the World” in 2012.

There's a booming restaurant scene, properties being developed left and right, large tech companies & boutique hotels moving in. Pittsburgh is becoming a city of increasing relevance and holds many opportunities within this period of renaissance.  With it being an exciting time for our city's overall growth, it’s a pivotal time to discuss how the Style Industry plays a role in shaping our city's future.