Store-ies 14: One Brilliant


A visual archive of Pittsburgh retailers & their stories. 


Erica Miller

Owner, one brilliant

Photography by Rose Colored Creative


What’s the story behind your career, the journey that has led you to where you are today with One Brilliant?

One Brilliant evolved as a transition from an event-driven traveling business selling jewelry and handbags, to a small retail boutique, opening on 2004. One Brilliant was very successful in filling a much-needed niche in a suburban area, Aspinwall. Within a year, customers wanted more of everything, but mostly clothing. I started with some unique tops, sweaters, and dresses and within a few years was converted to a full-scale clothing boutique with "some " accessories. With moderate price points and a constant influx of new inventory, the store began to build a substantial clientele and a great reputation. We were growing and I knew that I'd ultimately need a bigger space.

Brilliant Avenue, in the heart of Aspinwall, was our home and I couldn't fathom moving out of the area. Thus, the wait began for a location to open up. In 2013, I got "word" that the Variety Store, across the street, would be closing and I had dibs on a fabulous corner location. A lease was signed and major renovations were underway to create the store of my dreams. I opened our new location in 2014 and One Brilliant is a thriving upscale women's boutique, making many women happy.

Benefits and challenges of having a store in Pgh?

The benefit of a store in Pittsburgh is real estate prices are more affordable than other cities but the challenge is that Pittsburgh is a provincial town. Slow to accept change, so adapting to new fashion trends is sometimes a slower process, but well worth it.

What is one fashion word that you wish people would stop using?

I wish people would stop using the words " I can't wear".


What's your biggest regret?

My biggest regret is that I didn't open my store sooner when I was a little younger. That said, I'm not sure I would have been ready emotionally to take on the responsibility of running a business.

What's your next big step for the brand?

The next big step for the brand is making sure that this brick and mortar store survives. My goal is to do many in-store events as well as building my social media presence.

Leather or lace?

Leather or lace..... lace with a touch of leather.


If you were gifted $10,000 with no strings attached, how would you use it for the shop?

If I had $10,000 gifted to the store, I’d invest it in inventory and a remodel to keep the store fabulous and current.

If you could make a documentary what would it be about?

If I was doing a documentary it would be about my family, my heritage, my roots in the retail business from way back.

Which fashion designer or muse (dead or alive) would you love to collaborate with?

A fashion designer, dead or alive, that I identify with, without a doubt is Coco Chanel!

Elysia Newman