Store-ies 12: Make + Matter


A visual archive of Pittsburgh retailers & their stories. 

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This month, Store-ies was featured in TABLE Magazine Summer 19 Style Editorial. We further spoke with the owners of Make + Matter on the benefits of Pittsburgh and efforts to bring all things local to their charming studio.


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owners, make + matter

Photography by Rose Colored Creative

Benefits and challenges of having a store in Pgh?

Because 95% of the inventory in Make + Matter is made locally, the greatest benefit to us of being located in Pittsburgh is the depth and talent of the local design community here. We are continually grateful for and inspired by all of the incredible design that is happening in this city.

The main challenge of owning a clothing shop in Pittsburgh has to be the weather because the winter is rather long. I think it is more of a challenge for people to venture out and try on new clothes when it is 20 degrees and they need to put on 3 layers to go outside.


If you could make a documentary what would it be about?

We would make a documentary about a week in the life at Make + Matter!! Our customers are from a wide variety of backgrounds and are consistently such interesting people. They are so generous with us, sharing stories about their families, their lives, and their travels. Also, even on a slow week we could easily come up with an hour and a half of amazing footage just on our neighborhood dog friends. We have the cutest dogs in Lawrenceville! Are you a documentary film maker? Call us up!


There isn’t a fashion word that bothers us, but there are many aspects of the fashion industry that are deeply flawed.


If you were gifted $10,000 with no strings attached, how would you use it for the shop?

Oh wow, what a dream! With $10,000 we would invest in growing our local textile & sewing production infrastructure. We are dedicated to providing this work locally, and we are always brainstorming ways that we can work together to develop and maintain a talented, secure and knowledgeable textile workforce in Pittsburgh.

What is one fashion word that you wish people would stop using?

There isn't a fashion word that bothers us, but there are many aspects of the fashion industry that are deeply flawed. Say any words you want to, but if your clothing production methods are exploitative and/or wasteful, or if you are buying or selling clothing that is made within that framework, please reevaluate and improve your personal role in the larger fashion conversation.

Leather or lace? 

Sustainably sourced leather.

Elysia Newman