Store-ies 01: Rue Boutique


A visual archive of Pittsburgh retailers & their stories. 

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Ayellet Rubinstein

Owner of rue boutique

Photography by Rose Colored Creative


What has been inspiring you lately?  

In general, I get inspired by almost anything.

Having a conversation with my kids and hearing what they’re excited about at a certain moment can inspire me.

To explore a new direction in my buy for the next season.

Talking to friends, customers or random people anywhere.

Also traveling in my car and listening to music can trigger an idea.

An inspiring blogger, an entrepreneur and a favorite is Mark Manson.  Reading his refreshing out of the box thinking and humor is always a great way to get my creative juices going.


What does every person need in their wardrobe? 

Everyone should invest in two great pairs of designer jeans.  One for daytime and one for going out. They should be comfortable, stylish and should fit perfectly.

Find a store with the right product and great customer service.

Ask for help and listen to their suggestions and advise.

There’s a whole list of wardrobe essentials, but I would start with the denim.

Making mistakes are part of life, not only in business.

What are the benefits/challenges of having a business here?

One of the challenges of having a high end boutique in Pittsburgh is that there are still not many people with awareness. To fashion, trends and what specialty stores can provide.  

The benefits are that those who are interested in something unique and different will find it.  They know that there are only a handful of businesses that offer quality, service and a pleasant experience.

My favorite new brand is - STARK X
The line is designed and produced in Los Angeles, which I love...anything made in the USA.
Perry Stark perfected the boxy tee look and created a comfortable, relaxed Cali casual look.

What have you learned from having a business?  What mistakes have you made?

I have learned that having a business and being an entrepreneur is a great responsibility.  Although not for everyone, it gives you the ability to have control over your life.

It is up to you to make it happen - no one else.  Making mistakes are part of life, not only in business. They can be a temporary setback but shouldn’t bring you down.

I learn from my mistakes, and try to turn each and every one of them into a learning experience. Meaning - move forward with what I’ve learned from that mistake and adjust.

Elysia Newman