MOOD: Riverlife's Party at the Pier 2019


It’s our favourite time of the year as we unveil the theme for Riverlife's Party at the Pier 2019: BOLD PARADISE. Marking the 20th Anniversary of Riverlife, the theme is a fashionable salute to their bold vision to create a paradise right on the city's riverfronts through the creation of parks, trails and public open space.

Here are 3 ways that Style412 is preparing to step into paradise for this year’s theme:

1 / Future Paradise

Embrace a utopia of iridescence and otherworldly textures.


2 / Exotic PARADISE

Draw inspiration from rich earth tones and vibrant patterns found around the natural world.

exotic paradise.jpg

3 / Textured PARADISE

Look for unpredictable drama in textures & shapes.


On themed, summer cocktail attire encouraged --- the most intrepid of Pittsburgh’s fashion forefront are invited to join in celebration as we sip decadent libations and dance the night away under the setting of stars.

For more information about Riverlife’s Party at the Pier or to purchase your tickets, please visit:

Elysia Newman