Inside Lex & Lynne's New Bridal Experience Launch


Owner, Alexis Corry Kappel, couldn't find pieces that she felt were right for her when she was getting ready for her own wedding, so she teamed up with LA-based designer, Maria Korovilas, to bring her line of made-to-order modern gowns to Lex & Lynne. Their goal is for every bride to be able to feel like their true selves, so for any offbeat brides or those just looking for something different, this is the place for them.

That’s not it. We joked about going to “pet” the gowns before stepping into L&L and it turns out, that wasn’t far from the truth. All of the gowns are built and designed to be true bespoke, heirloom gowns; each one unique and made-to-order, that they almost all do possess their own life-like qualities.

The Lex & Lynne Bride is bold, she is elegant, she is full of wonder.

The Lex & Lynne private bridal experience event will showcase their most unique gowns. Invited attendees (a composition of industry insiders and press) can expect to see some of the latest, more surprising bridal trends such as COLOR. “Brides are moving away from traditional colors such as white, as the purity of color isn't what is most important anymore —- individuality is." says Christina, guest experience stylist & consultant at Lex & Lynne. Because expectations of a wedding day are so high, brides are finally ditching the cinderella dresses and doing something exclusively for them.

( Photos by Cole Bradley )

Elysia Newman